Quoted figures are turnkey prices, including camera system, computer and software, installation, training, and domestic travel costs.

A camera can be custom built with any commercially available CCD array. See Kodak, E2V, Fairchild

System Price Format, pixels
L3C $38,900 2048 x 2048 4 Mpix 
Fast. economical. 4 to 29 megapixels

Real-time TV image with high throughput
Clinical pathology and bioscience applications, teaching, student, and multi-user environments
Easy to install, easy to learn, easy to use
Highly affordable
Peltier cooled CCD array - great performance under low illumination conditions
L12C $52,900 4872 x 3248 16 Mpix 
L17C $54,900 6570 x 4384 29 Mpix 

8C $51,900 3072 x 2048 6 Mpix 
Deeply cooled slow scan TEM cameras. Low Noise. Excellent sensitivity. 6 to 50 megapixels

Wide dynamic range, true 16-bit or 14-bit data
Top performance in electron diffraction applications
Great for imaging of low contrast and beam sensitive specimens

12C $59,900 4096 x 4096 16 Mpix 
16C $64,900 8176 x 6132 50 Mpix 

Custom System Request Request Any commercially available CCD or CMOS array

Camera installation on a TEM with 200kV or higher accelerating voltage $1,500 to $3,000
Mid-mount instrument dependent Request Quote
Fail-safe instrument dependent Request Quote
Diffraction beamstop $9,000

Understanding system names
"C" - Peltier cooled CCD array
"L" - Live image capability; all other systems are slow scan
"I" - Image intensifier